We invite you to hunt with us two unique quail species in the traditional way with pointing dogs in the geographic heart of Mexico. A traditional upland hunt in a still wild habitat. 



The place


We hunt in many private and comunal properties in the State of Morelos, about 2 hours from Mexico City international airport.


The actual wildlife Mexican law only authorize to hunt in UMAS; in Morelos we have a particular figure called “Regional UMA” that allowed us to hunt in many counties inside the State with the same hunting tag.


The hunting grounds, normally, are difficult terrain with uneven ground and dense, tall and dry vegetation. The weather, at season, is hot and very dry. This is the normal habitat for the birds we will hunt…




The birds


You will have the opportunity to hunt two different species of quail, both unique from this region.



 >> “Banded Quail” (Philortyx fasciatus), known in Spanish as  “copetonas” or "abadas" ; a little smaller than the common bobwhite. Very elusive, fast flying bird that trends to explode from your feet in the densest vegetation, sometimes in coveys of 20 to 25 individuals.



 >>"Red Breasted Bobwhite" (Colinus virginianus), known locally as "coloradas"  or "rojas" (red ones).  The male has the breast red feathered; a very nice colorful bird that is a subspecies of the common bobwhite found in USA.




The season


Every year change a little, but normally runs from the 2nd. weekend of January until the 1st. weekend in April. You are allowed to hunt any day of the week.




The hunt

With over 30 years of hunting experience in those places; we hunt with pointing dogs in the "traditional way".


The hunt conditions are difficult and the birds can “explode” from your feet, even  without a dog point so you need to be ready all the time.

In average we find from 6 to 10 coveys in a full hunting day; a lot of walking is needed. This is not a hunt for weak persons; you must be in good shape to fully enjoy your hunt.




Accommodations and meals



Accommodations will be provided in a private property in Cuernavaca in independent bungalows (each one for 2 hunters) with private bath and clean, comfortable beds.


Because our heritage, you will be able to taste cuisines from two countries; both Mexican and Spanish homemade dishes will be served to you every day. An abundant and delicious dinner is the best way to finish a hard hunting day.








Package and prices


As a basis, we offer an “all inclusive” standard hunt package for three full days of quail hunting (the  hunt starts early in the morning, take a lunch and rest at mid day, and continue hunting in the afternoon).




Prices per person per package:



One hunter:  $1,900 USD

Two hunters (for each one): $1,600

Three hunters (for each one): $1,400


If you want a different arrangement, please ask for daily rates.







   The standard package includes:


-        Three full days of quail hunting

-        Pick up and return from the Mexico City airport

-        Ground transportation to and from Cuernavaca in the State of Morelos

-        Accommodations in a comfortable bungalow with all the services

      -        3 good meals per day (usually we do the lunch in the field)
      -        Beer, wine, spirits, bottled water, juice and soft drinks

-        Use of a shotgun (semiauto or pump, 12 or 20 ga) and all shotshells required      

-         Hunting tag (Cintillo de cobro) for up to12 birds daily (either species)

-    Cleaning and preparation of the downed birds




No hidden costs or unpleasant "surprises"

The only costs not included are the maid and boy helper tips, but it is completly optional (we sugest $10-$20 USD per day/party for each one).





For further details and serious inquires, please contact us by e-mail at info@huntquails.com or to my personal address at  jose@huntquails.com


Some photos and testimonials from clients:

"I have many fond memories of the trip and am talking to some of my other friends to get them to go back with me.  Also "Thank You" so much for the pictures...they added verification to all of my stories. 
My friends were very impressed" ..... John O. from Colorado.

"I very much appreciated the excellent hunt, hospitality, your kindness and generosity as well as your attention to our needs.  I felt very welcomed, cared for, and comfortable" ..... Ronald F. from Kansas.

"I must mention the outfitter in Mexico, Jose Fernandez.  He is an extremely personable and highly competent to guide for quail in Mexico.  His personality and his ability made the hunt one of the high points in my career.  I cannot say enough about how well we were treated" ..... Dr. James L.